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The First Social To-do List in Indonesia

Your Story is Our Inspiration

Your desire to be more productive might make your anxiety skyrocket. Your packed activities pushes you with no limit. You wish you could share your activities with your colleagues or even your partner

Your daily life stories inspired us to create something to ease your headache. And that is DoCheck, the first Social To-Do List App in Indonesia. Share your daily activities with your friends, family or colleagues

Docheck believes that all your dreams and goals in life are easier to achieve with collaboration.

Why Social To-do List?

Think about your schedule. You have to spare your time daily for work, academics, hobbies and even self-care. me time.

Yes, we know how hard it is to manage your chaotic jumble of activities. If only you have enough storage space in your memory... right? That's why we've create a platform perfect to write, organize and share your activities. to-do list memberikan tempat terbaik untuk semua kegiatan kamu yang berharga.

Along our journey, we found that to-do list can also be a medium for your self-development and collaboration to-do list bukan hanya sebuah agenda, tetapi juga media pengembangan diri dan kolaborasi.

More than a to-do list, DoCheck gives you what you need

Our Passion and Commitment

Dedicated to Help You

We want to help you achieve all your dreams and goals in life by increasing your productivity.


We want to spread positive impact on the lives of many through our creation

Walk Together

We believe that something extraordinary can be born from team work and collaborating with each other

Docheck couldn't have done it without you

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